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    Default Bad smell in laundry room

    I have a 3 year old house and I have a bad smell in my laundry room. It smells like dirty water.I dont think its my washing michine. Its a Kenmore and only 5 or6 years old. My clothes dont smell bad after being washed. Theres no standing water in the michine. I do have a trap in the basement for the stand pipe. I dont know if its a venting problem. I do get little flies in the summer time in my bathrooms Could the water be getting pulled out of the traps??

    Thanks rick

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    Default Re: Bad smell in laundry room

    Do you have a floor drain? If so, you might try pouring a couple buckets of water into it to see if that gets rid of it.
    I think those nasty little flies like to eat the 'gunk' in pipes.. I used to get them in one of my bathrooms in the wash basin. I closed the stopper and filled the basin with bleach water, then kept carefully filling until it flowed through the overflow drain.. ran it through for about 3-5 minutes with bleachy water. That worked.
    Maybe your stand pipe needs a clean-out?
    (ok, that's the extent of my meager knowledge and experience).

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    Default Re: Bad smell in laundry room

    Yep, I would try looking for a floor drain, or possibly if there is a drain pan under your washing machine, it should have a drain. If either of these drains exist, the water in their traps may have evaporated over time, allowing the sewer gasses to back up into the house. As previously stated, just pour some water in the drain to re-fill the trap, and you should be good.

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