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    Default Flexible drywall

    I own a late 1920s vintage condo. The central hallway is 50 feet long and has a cruved ceiling. The walls are cement and plaster over block and the ceiling is cement and plaster over expanded metal lathe. Both walls and ceiling were covered in stucco as part of the original design. I have now ground that off and the walls are basically smooth. I cannot afford six to eight thousand dollars to have the walls re-plastered and removing them to build new walls of wood and drywall is out of the question for a lot of reasons but mainly this hallway is the center of the unit and abuts every room in the condo. My current plan is to use a product called "high flex" drywall and a cunstruction adhesive for the ceiling and 1/4" drywall and adhesive for the walls. Does anyone have any expertise or experience they can share?

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