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    Default Forest Gardening

    Seeking suggestions on how to setup a garden in a forested area with tree roots, rock and deer all over the place. Using lumbered raised beds would look too tacky and unnatural.

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    Default Re: Forest Gardening

    I'm assuming by "garden" you mean veggie garden. If you're going to be in a forested area, are the plants even going to be able to receive enough light? Almost every fruit and veggie normally grown requires 6-8 hours of direct sunlight a day. If you're in dappled shade because of trees, you will not get much growth. If you're in a clearing where you have sun, then roots should not be a problem either. About the only sure fire way to keep deer out will be a fence, and 8' is the minimum height. There are other methods of deer deterance, but they are hit and miss. As for rocks, if you're not willing to go with a raised bed, then you'll just ave to dig them out as you find them.

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