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    Default pergola design, strange idea

    i'm not sure how this would work, if someone has any helpful ideas they will be greatly appreciated.
    we should have built the deck lower to the ground, but now it's too late. so if the pergola we want to build would attach to the house, under the gutter, it will only be 8 1/2 feet above the deck, which will feel very low.
    what i was thinking about doing, is build it taller, and rest the 2x6's on the roof (asphalt shingles). if there is any way to make this work, how would i attach the beams to the roof in a way that it would be water proof and safe?
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    Default Re: pergola design, strange idea

    Don't attach it to the roof. Add a couple posts near the house to match the ones at the far end of the deck and let it "float" above the roof so that water can continue to run to the gutters.

    Make sure the posts are supported properly under the deck.

    I recently saw a magazine with a pergola project on the cover, but I can't remember which mag, maybe someone else with a better memory can help.

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