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    Default Half And Half Interior Walls In A Craftsman Home

    I live in a craftsman house. the walls are the traditional half and half. by that i mean, there is a ledge separation where there is wall at the top, and wood and wall at the bottom. i have mahogany wood trim.
    i also have crown moulding which is not mahogany wood stained. i want to paint the half & half walls yellow (not bright yellow). but not the same color yellow though. I want the moulding and ceiling to be different colors but everything to blend.
    I'm trying to go for a look that I saw in a South African resort, where there was wood stain, yellows, black& bone, (zebra like) and browns. i'm having a problem. if anyone could give me a suggestion, or even understand what i am trying to explain, i would appreciate it.

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    Default Re: Half And Half Interior Walls In A Craftsman Home

    Those different colored wood work were probably the native woods of the area. I would use glazes to achieve the same look.

    I understand your wishes to paint the wainscoting and the molding/shelf along the top of it, and a monochromatic look would probably be great if you used a paint 2 shades darker on either element.
    Debby in Oklahoma

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