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    I have a backflow preventer attached to my outside hose bib. When the water is running, it leaks slowly so I'd like to take it off.

    I used an adjustable wrench and the bottom part of the backflow preventer unscrewed. This is the end the hose threads onto and the end with the washer.

    How do I remove the other end of the backflow preventer - the end actually threaded onto the hose bib which enters the house?
    There appears to be a tiny hole inside - would there be a small screw holding it on?

    Thanks for the assistance!

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    Default Re: Remove backflow preventer

    hi,you can not remove this type of backflow(easily)the hole you see is where there is a set screw that is designed to break off upon tightning,it is possible to back this off by grabbing it w/pliers or vice grips and simultaniously pully down and unscrewing,not sure if your handy enough,might be easier to replace sillcock,but do yourself a favor and buy a new backflow to reinstall...its required...maybe just dont tighten set screw

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