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    Default indoor paint cracking & separating from wall

    Sorry, this is my first home so I am new to this stuff and this may be silly, however, the rest of the paint in my house is fine. So we repainted when we moved in about 2 years ago and the paint near a window is cracking and separating from the wall. I don't see any water stains (we've recently had a lot of rain on the east coast) and the cracks run vertically up the window towards the ceiling. Anyway, do you think this is just a paint problem or is there a leak in the wall/ceiling/window, and what can I do to find out. Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Default Re: indoor paint cracking & separating from wall

    Is it just the paint that cracking or is the wall cracking?

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    Default Re: indoor paint cracking & separating from wall

    If it is just the paint that is cracking around the windows I would check to see if the trim was painted with oil based paint and maybe it is on the walls surrounding the window too. It also could be the result of no primer on walls prior to top coating.

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