I had a yard sale a week and a half ago. It rained in the early in the day, followed by lots of people walking on the wet yard. I should preface this by saying that I sodded the yard last spring, and the grass has taken very well. I overseeded in the fall and the grass has all come in very thick.
However, after the yard sale, there were a couple of spots that were well trampled, and still haven't seemed come back (aka stand up). Now a week and a half later there are 2 spots where the grass seems to be dying, and the roots, no longer seem deeply rooted.
I waited a few days after the yard sale, hoping it would start to stand up again... then decided I should mow it. so I have now cut the grass a couple of times, but these areas remain looking unhealthy, and the grass still wants to lay down. Should I try to overseed it again?
Also, maybe of note... the ground is now somewhat trampled, making it uneven. Can I add dirt over the grass to even out the ground, then just seed it? or will the grass grow through?