I'm considering purchasing a 1920s bungalow and eventually renovating the ugly kitchen. Currently, the gas stove is on an interior wall w/o any vent.

So, when I renovate, I'd like to keep the stove on the same wall (if possible) and add a venting system. Kitchen is small. 10x10 max. So, is one option better than another:

My 1st choice-Vent the range hood directly into the chimney stack. (which feeds my gas furnace and my fireplace). Would require vent of less than 3 feet, with one 90 degree bend.
2-Vent the hood with the ductwork running parallel to the kitchen's ceiling joists until it hits an exterior wall?
3-Vent the hood up the interior bearing wall to the roof?
4-Forget it. Move the stove to the exterior wall...