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    Talking Grass Seeding

    Recently I veiwed one of your shows where the yard was being seeded with a seeding machine. I believe the machine was called an underseeder. Can this machine be used to plant grass seed over top existing grass which is somewhat patchy and if so would this be the best way to remedy my yard?

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    I would suggest a aerator which puts holes in your yard then over seed. I did that it worked fine. Becareful not to use fertilizer with weed control after you plant as it keeps seeds from germinating.

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    A slit seeder can reseed over an existing lawn. The machine slices open the ground & deposits the seed. The best time to do it is in the late summer, end of august or so. The grass can germinate and grow all fall. More importantly the roots keep growing late into early winter & then again in the spring and can get well established before the typical summer drought & heat set in.

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