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    Question furnace help

    hello all im new here with a ploblem, i have a armstrong ulta 80sx gas furnace, iv had 2 different companies here trying tio fix this BIG BOX,,here is whats going on the inducer motor runs, the igniter glows brite orange, next thing is sometimes lites sometimes dont, maybe 1 try to lite maybe 2 times maybe 3 here is the thing all new parts new sensor new igniter new Smartvalve, gas presure has been checked, last tech says sorry i have been here 3 times i dont know what else to do you are on your own HELP!!! PLEASE
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    If the flame lights and then goes out immediately, there is generally 3 common causes.
    1- The flame sensor is dirty or defective.
    2-The flame is not going all the way across the burner because it is dirty.
    3- Your flue pipe is dumping into a large chimney and you are not getting the proper draft. You would need a flue liner installed the same size as the flue pipe going all the way up and out of the chimney.
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