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    Default Trying to understand floor joist method

    I have purchased a home built in 1919 and while one half of the house uses 2x8 floor joists for the second floor. The other half of the house uses 2x4's that are crossed. Meaning that there is a set of 2x4's running one direction and then right under them is anohther set of 2x4's running the other direction. Is there a name for this construction style? And why would this be done instead of the regular 2x8's used on the other half of the house? Pro's and cons?

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    Default Re: Trying to understand floor joist method

    At one time the space you are talking about was used for storage. At the time the code allowed the use of 2X4 construction. There must have been a renovation and new building code required a 2X8 construction.

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