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    Default replacing feed lines in basement

    I am planning a basement remodel project and am very interested in removing the supply pipes to our hot water radiators. Interestingly enough, TOH dutch colonial project showed that this can be done with composite pex pipe. I think that the replacement of the pipes could be a DIY project but the utility room piping and valving looks like it would be to complicated. ANy thoughts on this as a DIY project?

    Also, I have another option; I have a two zoned spacepak AC system that cools the whole house in the summer. I understand I can attach a hotwater system to those as well. If I do this, I can get rid of all the pipes and radiators I think.

    I live in Cincinnati Ohio.

    Anxious to hear anyones thoughts on what you would do or what you think are some good options.

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    Default Re: replacing feed lines in basement

    Yes, you can add hot water coils to your SpacePac system.
    It works very well.

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