I am trying to change the entrance to my pantry/laundry room. It has a door that connects to my kitchen which I am in the process of renovating. I am considering removing the door and leaving the entry open to use the area as an expansion of my small kitchen. This is a family project. We have really thought of multiple options as follows: removing the door frame all the way to the ceiling and making two separate walls, installing a new door with a window or framed picture from the top of the door to the ceiling, or just removing the door frame and finishing the wall above the door to the ceiling. The problem we have is we are replacing very thin wood paneling with 1/2 inch thick drywall. However, the drywall is only being installed on the left side and possibly the top of the door frame and the paneling is being covered with wallpaper and painted on the right side of the door due to a kitchen counter and kitchen cabinets being in the way of the drywall. Our problem is the difference in thickness where the drywall and the wallpaper covered paneling meet at the top right corner of the door frame. However, I do not know exactly what is the best way to do this.