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    I have several tree roots coming up into my lawn from a living tree. How can I get rid of the roots and not kill the tree? Someone told me to pound copper nails into the roots??

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    you can't. Some trees are just prone to having protruding roots.
    Debby in Oklahoma

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    Surface roots are generally the tree coming to the surface for it's water needs from the lawn, instead of sending down deeper roots. You're supposed to be able to remove two or three of these surface roots a year (any more than that and you can damage the tree ). DO NOT put nails into any part of the tree! This can kill the entire tree, depending on the type of nail, and when it comes time to cut the roots or the tree, it's likely that you'll be cutting right through those nails which poses a hazard for both the tool doing the cutting and the user of that tool.
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