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Thread: Safe to tape ?

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    Default Safe to tape ?

    I'm in the process of painting my sisters new house. The ceilings are primed and finished, and the walls are all primed. I would like to tape the ceiling to give a crisper line to the wall finish, especially since she is leaning towards darker colors on the walls.
    Is a week enough time to insure no paint peeling when pulling off the tape? Is there a minimum time period ?
    Also, is there a particular or better blue tape to use ?


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    From your post I assume that the ceiling is textured the same as the walls and not acoustic or "popcorn". If this is the case, don't tape, you won't like the results and it's pretty labor intensive to install decently. A faster, easier, and better solution is to run a bead of caulk in the corners. This fills the crack and hides any future cracking that may occur in the corners but here is the important part, it fills in the lumps and bumps of the texture and gives a slick surface for your brush to run on, making cut-in a snap and you'll get nearly perfectly straight lines. With tape you'll get bleeding under the edge no matter how careful you are.
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