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    Default i need help pricing

    hey i have a job that i think may take sometime... i am just starting out with my own landscaping business and this is my first job like this.. this lady has multiple flower beds but the weeds have taken over, i was wandering if someone could tell me how to price this kind of job.. thanks

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    Default Re: i need help pricing

    Tough call without seeing the job and knowing the area soil type. Only you know how fast you work and what your time is worth. The only thing I can recommend is that because you're unsure, give yourself ample time to complete the work, and charge the customer a reasonable fee, that is, if you think you can do it in 2 hours, give yourself 3, maybe 4 hours and if your rate is say $50 an hour, maybe charge $40 or $45. The trick is to not give your time away, yet not **** and pillage the client either.

    Sorry not to be of more help.
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