We live in a 60 year old house with a septic system. I noticed moist crud builing up on the exterior of the black lead pipe as it enters the basement floor. I called a plumber and he sc****d the crud and showed how there is wicking or a slow leak through the pipe. He recommended cutting out the lead pipe from the floor back about 10 feet. He gave me an estimate of $3800, which included breaking up the floor and going down up to one foot. Additional under the floor work would be $169/ft.

The sewer route under the floor goes through a tiled bathroom and a carpeted family room if the pipe is disintegrating downstream the costs could escalate dramatically.

Our city is talking about bringing sewer and water through our neighborhood. It would be better than 50/50 this would happen in 2 years.

My question is does this seem very expensive to cut a pipe and replace it with 4 inch plastic. There are two 90 degree elbows as the pipe drops from the ceiling and is routed along the wall about 30 inches above the floor. His first alternative is to cut the pipe at grade and install plastic and that would be $2,200. For the $3,800 bid he was thinking 2 plumbers for a day.

We live in the suburbs of Minneapolis/St. Paul.