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    Default dripping sound in heat runs

    I had a new 100,000 BTU forced air furnace installed in my homes basement last month. Ever since I have heard what sounds like a dripping sound in my vent ducts. I am sure it caused by the fact that the duct system was changed to insure max air flow to the second story of my house and ducts that never warmed up are now getting hot. The odd part is that the noise can only be heard on first and second story and not in the basement. I was wondering if there is anything short of tearing the wall apart that could be done to eliminate this problem and or any suggestions that could be made to attempt quelling the noise. Iam losing my mind when I attempt go to sleep I feel as if I am being tortured by constant dripping sounds.

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    Default Re: dripping sound in heat runs

    The noise is probably either the natural "tick" of heat expansion and contraction of the ducting, and/or where rigid sections of that duct pass over/through framing and come into contact with it, rubbing as the duct expands/contracts. The former, there's little that can be done, the latter would be to find the places where the duct is rubbing on things and isolate it with insulation or separation.
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    Default Re: dripping sound in heat runs

    I would need more information regarding the ductwork. It could be short on return. The furnace may be too large and is over heating which will cause the expansion noise.
    It could also be the flue pipe, I've seen (heard) that.

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