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    Default Proposed deck over existing concrete patio

    I have a question about building a deck over an existing concrete patio.
    Can you build a deck just using the existing concrete patio? I am planning to use the concretepatio as the footing for the deck.Is it a code violation?

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    Default Re: Proposed deck over existing concrete patio

    Is it a code violation?...Well, maybe.

    If you are considering just adding firring strips & deckboards over the existing concrete patio, you're probably OK. If, however, you're considering installing structural posts & beams
    on top of the patio, rather than excavating & pouring frost footings, then yes, it would be a code violation.

    Here in the Chicago suburbs, footings need to be a minimum of 42" below finish grade. Farther north, footings need to be at least 48" deep. In the south, footings may only need to be installed at grade, but they are still required. A 3"-4" thick patio slab doesn't qualify as a footing.


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