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    Default granite tile contertop kit help

    I need some help. I am planning a kitchen rennovation and I plan on installing a granite tile counter top. Has anyone else done this using a kit? I can find plenty of floor tile, but I'm looking for brands/retailers that carry tile as well as molded edging. Many thanks

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    Default Re: granite tile contertop kit help

    My wife and I just finished a kitchen remodel. We took the time to look at a lot of counter tops in homes that were remodels and new. Specifically we were looking at those with granite tile counter tops (we have an in with a realtor who showed us the homes). We liked the price of granite tile, but we didn't like the look of even professionally done granite tiles because they looked like some one was cutting corners. So they went with the tiles instead of a piece of granite. I suggest you try to look at finished granite tiles. Maybe you'll have better luck with what you see but our experience was what lead us to bite the bullet and go with granite. Yeah, looks great but *** the cost. Hopefully this will be our last home (always had formica before)

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