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    Default Closets with flaking wallpaper

    We are in the process of fixing our house up to sell. We just found out we are moving in 2 months and we have so much to do. Our house was built in 1942 and I think the wallpaper in the closets are from when it was built. It is peeling off and flaking off and the drywall tape has fallen off of the corners so they are no longer finished. What is my quickest solution for getting these closets to look decent. Could I sc**** off as much of the wallpaper I can and then paint over it? Can I put drywall tape in the corners even if it goes over the wallpaper? I just know it will take hours and hours to redo the whole closet. We have other more important things to work on.

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    Default Re: Closets with flaking wallpaper

    If your house is literally from 1942, I can safely assume 2 things: the walls are plaster and the wallpaper is paper with no plastic coating on it. This means that the paper should soak strip relatively easily. Plenty of water and a flexible sc****r should take it right off.

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    Smile Yep, thanks, thats good idea.

    I tried some possibilities ( etc.) but with no success.
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