I need help re-installing an antique doorframe, standard pine frame from a vintage 1900 3 family.

It's got (sorry, I don't know the actual names of the pieces)

4 small rectangles (approx. 3''w x 6" tall) that rest on the floor on either side of the doorway

4 decorative 'panels' (approx 3" w x 7' tall) that rest on the small rectangles on the outside of each doorway (that cover the frame itself)

2 decorative top panels that cover the frame

1 'male' side of the doorframe

1 'female' side of the doorframe

1 'header' for the doorframe

Can anyone tell me the 'correct' way to install this? (and what size nails to use?). The last time I did one, I couldn't get the decorative panels tight on the wall.