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    Default best way to cover old walls?

    Hello, I have a small cabin that is made of concrete block construction. The interior walls have a black insulating/ fireproofing(?) sheet mounted (glued) to the blocks, covered by a sheet of panelling. Construction is of 1960'S/1970'S. I am wanting to apply a 3-4 foot band of beadboard at the base of the wall, and a layer of sheetrock above that to the ceiling. My question is, What is the best way to apply these items and retain what insulating value I currently have, and also be solid and secure?

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    Default Re: best way to cover old walls?

    the black board would be a fiber board that they used as rigid insulation. it wouldn't be a fire proofing because block wall doesn't burn so it wouldn't prove anything to put anykind of fireproofing onto block. my only concern as far as what you are doing is that I hate things to come loose on down the line because of not being fastened securely. so I'm assuming that both layers that you have are only glued to the block wall then the paneling glued to the fiber board. you could just glue the next layer to the paneling but I myself wouldn't do that and would not be held responsable if they became delaminated on down the line.

    What I would do would be to take 3/4 inch furring strips and tapcon these over your existing walls then fasten your drywall to these furring strips. this would allow you to keep what you have already on the wall for insulation and simply use extension rings on your outlets to bring these out to the face of the drywall.

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