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    Question Switching Shower and Toilet

    I am looking to renovate my bathroom by switching the location of the shower and toilet. I noticed that the toilet drain pipe is larger than my shower drain pipe. If I place an adapter at the top of the drainage pipe in order to acommadate the larger toliet drainage, will I run into any problems with the toliet flushing and draining especially for the life of the bathroom?

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    Default Re: Switching Shower and Toilet

    Yes, you will have problems. The minimum size drain for a toilet is 3" anything smaller you will have multiple problems with clogging and possible problems blowing out the wax toilet seal.
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    you will go through a lot of plungers and a lot of toilet snakes guaranteed.. you don't want to do that, it is worth your while to call a plumber and he can re pipe it quickly for you

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