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    Question Ledger to Conrete Block?

    I am looking at attaching a ledger board for a deck to concrete block and am looking for the best method. Any ideas?
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    Default Re: Ledger to Conrete Block

    I have had good luck with lead concrete anchors.You can also use lag shields.These may be a bit stronger,but I am not sure.Good luck with you project

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    Default Re: Ledger to Conrete Block

    Are the block filled (poured full of concrete).....or hollow the point where you will be attaching?

    How wide is the deck (how far will it project from the block/house)? Any intermediate beams in the design to help support the weight of the deck and its contents (people, etc.) ? ...........or will the joists be supported only at the ledger and the rim? (Load-bearing capability is definitely a concern when choosing the type of fastening system to the concrete well as the frequency of those fasteners.)
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