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    Default Fixing refinished floors

    We recently refinished our red oak hardwood floors using a drum sander. I'm not happy with the results. There are a few gouging marks (not deep) which we didn't notice til after with added the water based polyurethane finish.

    Is it possible to resand the floor with a orbital sander and get good results or our my floors permanently damaged?

    Is an orbital, rotary and disk sander the same thing? If not, what do you recommend?

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    Default Re: Fixing refinished floors

    Maybe just hand sand it along the grain. It's tough to say though..

    The sanders may not work for this type of fix since they may sand areas you don't want touched.

    I would hand sand just the board and a inch or so past the mark on each side. When you apply the finish you may want to tape a straight line on the board. Then apply poly a little lighter towards the tape line.. I would pull the tape off before it dries.

    Or the finish can be feathered out without using the tape.. Is it Low sheen or High sheen poly? That would make a little bit of difference on how you do it.. Low sheen can be feathered a little better but use tape line on high sheen (gloss)!
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