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    Default How do I cut wood flooring?

    I have wood flooring (3/4 inch Ash) from a mill that is tongue and grove on the long faces. This has not been selected so there are knots and mill marks that need to be cut out. How do I cut this material for the best installation? I assume an angled cut but how much and then are all the cuts angled in the same direction, that is to lap or away from each other?


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    Default Re: How do I cut wood flooring?

    You do not need to angle the end cuts. I wouldn't worry about light mill marks that can be sanded out. Once the floor is installed, you'll sand it in place to even it all out, then apply the finish (oil based poly ).

    When you install it, start with the groove to the wall and nail at an angle through the tongue to secure into place. A scrap piece with the groove intact will give you a "knock" block for installing the pieces tight with a hammer. Leave a 3/8" gap around the entire perimeter for expansion.
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    Default Re: How do I cut wood flooring?

    Rather than chopping up your flooring you might consider a router and inlay kit to hide the knots etc.
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