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If the stain is darker than you like you may have problems. You may want to consider stripping the pice just as if it were completly finished, Allow everything to dry at least 24 hours before putting a sanding sealer. Allow the sanding sealer (I use the water based ones), Let it dry no more than an hour for the water based ones, lightly buff with fine or extra fine steel wool then put a stain on let it dry for at least 24 hours then go with a satin or semi-gloss polly. and allow this to drey it is difficult to do this indoors so make sure you have a well ventelated room and that the temperature is around the mid 70's. It is important to keep all stains and varnish fumes away from open flame. This is how I usually work but you may get some advice on doing it different. Make sure you protect your hands and eyes during this messy process.
Thank you jamesmahan, you awesome dude. I'll add to the thread with a post-mortem on my results.