My wife and I bought an old house in rural Maine a few years back. It's on a fieldstone foundation with about 2 feet of brick on top.

Over the past year and a half, we've noticed some outward bowing of the brick, and disintegration of the mortar. In places, the mortar has disintegrated enough that you can take out one of the bricks by hand, and put it back in without a struggle.

We have had some drainage issues that I'm hoping are taken care of since getting a new leachfield and septic system installed last fall. The basement has always been wet, so I don't know if that whole fieldstone wall is shifting due to soil moisture, or if it's simply a matter of replacing the layer of brick.

I have no idea who to call about this. Is this something I should contact a structural engineer to assess, or just call around to masons and get the immediate issue resolved?