Hello Everyone,

I have read up on it a little and am very interested in stamped concrete. I really like the durability that concrete offers and for the area I want to cover, the price beats out pavers/stone or decking.

I found places ****** where I can get the stamps and instructions and I know my local masonry store carries a variety of colors.

I want to know, however, if this is something the average DIY'er can tackle themselves, or should I look into hiring a professional? Can I tint the concrete while I am mixing it and then pour it and stamp it? Or do I have to spread the powder on top of the poured concrete and use the float to 'mix' it in? Do I have to seal it?

I am all about doing this myself with the help of a few friends if it is something that we can tackle, but I don't want to bite off more than I can chew. While saving money by doing it myself can be a great thing, I also want the final product to look fantastic.

Thanks in advance for any advice.