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    Default Slow shower shutoff

    Hi there,

    I own a 1st floor condo in a 100 year old building. Lately, when I take a shower, once I turn off the water, it takes anywhere from 5 seconds to a minute for the showerhead to 'shut off' (expelling the excess water through the tub spout into the tub).

    Is there something wrong with my shower? It's a year old Delta handheld showerhead with an 5+ year single fixture shower valve(hot/cold/shower/tub).

    If so, any idea what it might cost to fix? (I have a trap door in the closet adjacent to the tub for easy access).

    Thanks in advance,


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    Default Re: Slow shower shutoff

    Most manufacurers state in the intallation instrustions that it may take up to 30 minutes. As long as it stops your fine do not exert excess force onto the handle. Delta does not have a compression type seat it uses springs that apply a constant pressure to a plate to control volume. When its off STOP, Leave, and check it later to see if its dripping.

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