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Thread: help with roses

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    Question help with roses

    So there's a medium-sized, freestanding rose bush in my yard and I have no idea how to take care of it. The bush was obviously in not so great condition when we bought our house seven month ago. I've already pruned off several dead branches; what should I do to bring our roses back to health? Any suggestions would be most appreciated.
    -Daryl, learning how to keep up with an 80 year old house in PA

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    Default Re: help with roses

    Thanks for the advice, r. I will definitely look up that book!

    -Daryl, learning how to keep up with an 80 year old house in PA

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    Default I need your 2 cents

    Quote Originally Posted by rwass View Post
    Roses are not an easy plant to care for but they are very rewarding.[/url].
    New Kid on the block here and new in gardening as well, so need help.
    I was shopping for roses and almost every site including Jacksonand perkins telling that roses are easy to grow,they higly resistant to disease and etc. Would they just say that to encorage to buy(like it never happened before, hehehe) or we just talking about different brands of roses?
    I really would like an opinion of experianced rose grower.
    Also the questions I have is:
    1. I would like to plant some roses in contairoses for indoor grow, which one is good for that.
    2. browising sites which selling roses I saw "Everblooming hybrid tea rose" or something like that ...does everblooming means they blooms year around(when indoors) or it's just a name.
    Well my questions might sound silly but like I said I'm a please be gentle(blushing)
    Anyone who would like to put they 2cents(or more)I'll be very greatful.
    Everyone Enjoy your weekend.

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    Default Re: help with roses

    im by no means en experienced rose grower but have had some luck in the past 2-3 years. I also reside in PA so i face some of the same obstacles. Japeneese Beetles have been the main problem. I have found getting 1 or more of the beetle bags and putting them in the area of the roses really cuts down on their devistation. I would recommend some Bayer Rose and plant food. It can be bought for 5-6$ at Lowe's near the rose bushes. It is a pelletized food so it just gets sprinkled on the ground around the bush. Only needs applying a few times a year.

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    Default Re: help with roses

    If you want a hardy & fairly disease resistant rose, try a Knock Out or Carefree Wonder variety. They come in a number of colors. The bloom over the whole summer & into the fall. It's not constant, but the blooms come & go in cycles. These roses are more shrub type, not tea roses. The blooms are a different shape. What they lack in individual beauty for cutting & fragrance , they make up for in quantity & ease of growing.
    If roses get black spot, spray immediately w/ a fungicide & repeat every 3 weeks or so. The spots won't go away, but the leaves won't fall off and the plant will remain healthy.
    Fertilize w/ Rose Tone fertilizer from monthly from mid March to August. Fertilizing past August(in Md. anyway) will promote new growth that may be damaged & may keep it from going dormant into the winter.
    Other pests like thrips, aphids & little green worms that eat the leaves need to be dealt with.
    Pruning is another story that should be dealt with in early spring.
    Also if you have a large bushy rose with red flowers, you probably have what's left of the understock of a grafted rose. It may be sort of pretty, but I wouldn't consider it worth the effort.

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