As usual, Home Depot slips one over again. Last summer, we bought enough tile to do the kitchen and the bathroom. A referenced sub-contractor gave us a supposed "deal" on the job and we took him up on it. In less than 2 months, the grout began to "disappear" and so had the sub-contractor. I decided to redo the job myself, as my health had gotten much better and began tearing out the botched up areas.

To our dismay, we found only a partial box of tile, along with 3 buckets of "cutoffs"!! The kitchen supply was nowhere to be found!! Now, we find that the tile had been discontinued and Home Depot can't seem to provide the name of the manufacturer or a possible source of said tile. My first choice of a web site was "TOH" and I am no longer feeling lonely .... others seem to be in the same shape we find ourselves in.

We would be interested in buying at least 3 boxes, to finish the bathroom floor and wall sections, and possibly more. We'll also be glad to pay the shipping and handling. Our location is in central Alabama. Should the tile be within reasonable driving distance, we might just consider picking it up ourselves.

Thank you, jarnkm

"Ceramica DaVinci Maui Floor Tile"