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    Default ceiling fan/light not working

    A light/fan in my son's room stopped working and I am having trouble figuring out how to fix it. First I replaced the bulb. Then I looked ****** to see if I could find any help and read about how remote control things sometimes have stopped working. I took out the remote control box between the wires from the ceiling and the wires from the fan/light and attached reattached the wires without the remote. It still didn't work. I then tested to see where I have power with a voltage tester and found I have power in the lightswitch but do not have power in the ceiling electrical. What step do I take next?

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    Default Re: ceiling fan/light not working

    Based on your description ---- power from the panel ----- a hot ( black ) and neutral ( white ) ---- comes into the wall switch box.
    The black wire would be attached to the bottom screw terminal of the wall switch ---- the white wire would be connected to another white wire ?

    The top screw terminal of the switch would have another black wire attached.
    These black and white wires would be the cable feed to the ceiling box.

    If there is no power between the black and white wires in the ceiling box then the issue could be at the wall switch box.
    Either the switch is faulty or a common thing could be the connection under the wire nut for the splice of the white wires ( neutral ).

    Hope this helps.
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