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    Question WELL X_TROL pressure_another ?

    I have a 25gal well x-trol tank in my house as part of the well system. curious to know what the static air pressure should be on the tank/bladder. also, what should the upper & lower pressure limits be? currently they range between 45&65psi. is it possible to tweak these in order to get more consistant water pressure? don't tell the plumbing police, but when i can i remove any flow restriction devices.

    Appreciate the responses, something tells me that I may not want to mess around with this too much. Anyway, another question i have is what is the life expectancy of the well x-troll tanks? mine is going on 16yrs, i'm sure sooner or later they wear out. thanks again.
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    Default Re: WELL X_TROL pressure

    Hello, all depends on tank. is it a "pre-charged" air tank. If so the air is above the bladder in the tank and can not/should not be controlled. Check manufactures specs on tanks first. Pressure switches are usually 20/40 or 30/60, sometimes air gets trapped between the water in the tank and the bladder, if this is case, drain tank down to nothing, closing valve going in and out of tank. Drain tank down to nothing. Close the drain valve leaving outlet valve closed and then open inlet valve to re-fill the tank, pressure should pump up to cutoff pressure and shut off. Then open outlet valve to house and bleed any other air out. See if that gains you more constant pressure. These are tricky things to work with but do not try pumping more air to tank or increasing pressure, this could cause serious damage. I have seen these things explode when they have been messed with in the wrong way. Good LuckGregC
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    Default Re: WELL X_TROL pressure

    The static pressure on the tank when empty should be about 2 lbs. less than the cut on pressure that the switch is set. Ex. 20/40 switch the pressure should be about 18 lbs for a 30/50 switch the static pressure should be at 28 lbs.
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