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    WE have furnace in basement and heat pump system outdoors. The vibration could be felt upstairs from furnace.What could cause this and what could the cost of such a repair cost!

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    Do you have a horizontal system that hangs from your floor joists or one that sits upright on the floor? Has it always done this?
    What comes to mind is out of level the blower motor or the squirrel cage (blower fan). Have you had a PM done on your system, this should be done before each heating season, and before the cooling season for A/C.
    Shut off the furnace at the emergency switch, it should be right next to the unit.

    More than likely the blower is mounted in a slide compartment, access the blower motor and make sure the bolts that keep it secure haven't loosened.

    Check the squirrel cage for to much dust, if the fins get to clogged up it will cause vibration, it also won't push the required amount of CFMs, then check it for run out, spin it by hand and see if it wobbles excessively.

    Also check the belt if it's belt for wear if it's belt drive.

    As for cost I couldn't tell you because I don't know exactly what's wrong, I also don't know where your located or what the rates are in your area. Post back and let us know how you made out. Good Luck!!!
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    It could be the refrigerant lines not being secure. Check to see if they are vibrating when the system (heat pump)is running.

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