I have been trying to find my house grounding electrode to bond my TV antenna to it. It is not on the external electric meter so I checked in the crawlspace under my service panel. The ground is grounded under the panel to a galvanized water pipe, however, the main water line from the meter into the crawl space is PVC pipe. The metal water pipe is not in contact with the ground. I know I need the ground to be grounded by an electrode, either a 8' x 5/8" rod or by grounding plates. My question is can this be done inside the crawl space (probably with grounding plates) or is it better to run the ground wire to the outside (appox. 10 - 15 feet from panel) and grounded with a ground rod? I have read the the grounding electrode conductor should be as straight and short as possible, but also the the soil under the house may be too dry to provide a low resistance to ground.