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    Default Re: Sand/Grit from hot water faucits

    You want the real solution is simple you need a whole home carbon filtration back to back with a softener the problem will be solved as another person stated as the sediment/sand builds up in the bottom of the hot water and you turn it on it swirls around and out of the hot tap as to were the cold the sand sediment does not contain as much and is not as noticeable.

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    Default Re: Sand/Grit from hot water faucits

    Have you checked for a leak? Turn off all faucets, then look at the water meter. Look closely at the little red triangle: if it's turning at all, you have a leak.

    As the water flows across the leak, it can actually create a suction (venturi effect), drawing in sediment. Yes, even on a pressurized line.
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