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    Default Remodel Laundry Room

    I am redoing my laundry room. Currently I have the standard side by side wash & dryer. Since the drywall is all down I want to wire so I can change to a stackable unit in the future. Now is the time to move the wiring but I don't know where to move it so it will work in both applications.

    Any insight or suggestions would be helpful.


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    Default Re: Remodel Laundry Room

    I'm in the same boat. How is it setup now and what is the problem with the current location? The cords on my washer and dryer both streach about 5ft. Are you moving the washer and dryer to a location that prevents the cords from reaching or something? If so, move the outlets over nearby. A stackable setup doesn't have different outlet requirements.

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    now i havnt had to put in outlets for stackables, nor have i bought any. however im assuming that the manufactures of the washer/dryer have taken into account the fact that they will probably need longer cords on the appliance on top to retro fit in older homes. so i would think just put em close and youll be fine. that or but the appliances and see for your self.

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