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  • mildew growing on northern walls by not planting closer than 10 ft

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  • having to install IRRIGATION next to the house

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  • plants or grass next to house

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  • foundation plantings

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    Default Estate Style-saves more energy several ways

    Sarasota-1930's Metzner Home (Ringling area) was called in prior to demo. We redesigned Outdoor Living Space (Landscape)1st) Inventory all plants,cleanup, root prune 2 to 3 month, ferti.& replant into raised holding area.-2)Design w/ex.inventory; discovered several arch features & moved enter to once org.per 70's addition(we only discovered this after moving plants)3)New plan;& new enter(org one)Created a buffer (med to larger plantings) 5 feet from sidewalks,planting away from structure. Slight rising mound, parell w/walkway. No plantings within 7ft (S)ext to 10ft(N) from building (small STONE or SHELL only)[ESTATE STYLE- consists of grouped plantings on ea side N-E-S-W recv 1 medsize TREE per 40 linear ft. with supportive shrub/bushes & ground covers. Prefer NATIVES Grouped W/same WATER USE! Amend existing soils & use DIEHARD by Horticulural Allance, poly-mer w/Micros &Bio-Organisums. Limit use of sod, use ground covers,clay pavers,stone/shell around buildings. MORE on FACEBOOK-ESTATE STYLE-energy,water saving -property enhancing-living space-habitat-so much more!ESTATE STYLE
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    Default Re: Estate Style-saves more energy several ways

    ESTATE STYLE- when used properly creates an illusion the residence is farther back from street at the same time, street views are buffered if not removed by buffering of plants when looking out of home! Also reduces street noise & dust.Irrigation is easier when plantings are away from structures. Trees can reduce heating& cooling costs when placed properly! In addition plantings under trees require less watering & create habitate for native creatures that reduce nasty insect pests. Sice plantings are away from buildings less watering, fertilizer & prunning is needed/required. If all communaties practised ESTATE STYLE then every house would have a park like setting, high winds would be reduced and many plantings between homes could be shared then no need for fencing or little fencing if needed.So much energy would be saved, both short and long term, water use would be down, chemical use reduced, mildew on buildings almost gone, lets get away from 50's foundation plantings & go back to ESTATE STYLE -that was used all over the world & US pre 50's era!

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