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    Default Plaster covered foam core crown molding

    I would like to try plaster covered foam core crown molding. Does anyone have the names or links to vendors? I live in Utah.

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Plaster covered foam core crown molding

    You can get this product from some of the following.
    The Renovator's Supply.
    Architectural Foam Products.
    Also check with a local EPS board supplier they may be able to cut and spray with urethane this type is used with the Synthetic stucco / plaster products.
    Also look at the GRG ( glass reinforced gypsum )I have used this type it works very well.
    Casting Designs, Inc. uses this product to make shapes.
    I have also used MAX Products Corportion look at web: i used this product in 1999 no problems to date.

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