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    Question Garage insulation

    I have a new construction. The builder insulates and drywalls the garage halfway and stops. (It's an option to have it completely finished.) During construction the builder used housewrap. Would this eliminate the need for kraft faced insulation. I plan to finish the rest myself.

    It is an unheated garage, but there is 2 bedrooms above it. Looked at some of the other houses being built in the development and the builder used unfaced. Wasn't sure if that was to keep cost down or because they used housewrap.
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    Default Re: Garage insulation

    Interesting --- never heard of doing half a job like that.

    No need for kraft faced insulation at all.

    Curious --- is this a heated garage ?
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    Default Re: Garage insulation

    With no heating of the garage you don't need a vapor barrier, so unfaced insulation is just fine. However, if you change your mind and turn it in to a heated garage later you are going to need to add a vapor barrier. If the partial insulation job used faced insulation you might as well finish the job with faced insulation as the cost difference between faced and unfaced is rather minor.

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    Default Re: Garage insulation

    Rooms above garages are thermal disasters. Those floors are always cold. Spray foam is the best to stop air movement and get good insulation. Dense packing cellulose will be a good second alternative.

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