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    Lightbulb CFLs wattage in fixtures

    So, I have a question about CFLs.

    Let's say I have a fixture that's rated for a maximum incandescent bulb of 60 watts. Normally I would use a 15 watt CFL replacement to get the same 850 lumens as the incandescent.

    Can I use a higher wattage CFL -- like a 25w -- to get more lumens without fear of setting the house on fire?

    - Rory

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    Default Re: CFLs wattage in fixtures

    watt is the electrical consumption

    lumens is the light intensity

    The ratings for an incandescant fixture also takes into account of the heat generated by those types of bulbs.

    CFL's produce similar lumens at less power consumtion and generate less heat.

    So if the fixture is rated at 60 watt then a 25 watt CFL should be fine.
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    Default Re: CFLs wattage in fixtures

    Correct, you could if you wanted put up to a 60w CFL in the fixture. CFLs use 1/4-1/5th of the power that an incadescent does for the same illumination, but also produce 1/4-1/5th of the heat for the same illumination. All that meaning a 25w CFL produces about the heat of a 25w incandescent. The rated power for a fixture is either because the wiring gauge is only meant for a maximum of that power or else it is because the fixture is only rated for that much heat (such as recessed lighting).

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