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    Default Clunk in water pipe?

    Ever since we installed a new hot water heater our pipes "clunk" when we turn off a faucet. And now that we installed a new "energy efficient" toilet, it "clunks" when flushing is complete.
    Can you help?
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    Default Re: Clunk in water pipe?

    Likely, when plumbing in the new WH, some change was made in the way pipes are supported.

    This can happen even though no change was made in the arrangement of pipes, and no new pipes may have been installed. Just reconnecting pipes can result in a slight change in the way a pipe rests in a hanger or against a joist, etc.

    Go listen in the area where it appears the noise is coming from, while somebody else repeatedly opens and closes a faucet. Have them close it quickly because this sudden change (water hammer) is what is probably causing the noise.

    When you isolate the source, use some kind of shim or another hanger, whatever, to stop the noise.

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