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    Unhappy Neighbor is about to add 3' of vertical fill on entire lot


    New construction is to begin on the lot behind my house this coming Spring.

    My biggest concern is the intention to use 67,000 cu ft of fill to raise the house by 3'. This will mean the entire lot is 3' above mine! I'm really concerned with draining - the water table is super high and a wetland runs on the other side of his lot already.

    He's gotten the approval of the Conservation Committee, but they were completely unconcerned about the effects on my lot. The guy's engineer was clueless and unconcerned about my lot, but agreed to extend a "swail" the entire length of our property line, but I'm not convinced this will be enough. Nor do I want a standing pool of water on the edge of my property, even if it's technically 3 feet over the line.

    I'd like to think SOMEONE in the town would want a much more rigorous study done to determine the impact of this on my lot!

    Do you have advice or insight into this type of problem?


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    Default Re: Neighbor is about to add 3' of vertical fill on entire lot

    Howdy express your concern before it is done not to alter the natural flow of water drainage/ runoff . Do this in writing so if issues result you have put them on notice and thier homeowners ins coverage can address any damage to your home. how do they plan on keeping the soils from moving off their lot?

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    Default Re: Neighbor is about to add 3' of vertical fill on entire lot

    Does your town have stormwater or drainage ordinances for home construction and soil disturbance? If so, get a copy or call your town office and talk to them about what the codes/regs allow and your concerns. Maybe there's someone you need to talk to besides the Conservation Committee. If the builder's engineer is clueless, there should be an evaluation by someone with expertise in this area.

    Good luck!
    -Daryl, learning how to keep up with an 80 year old house in PA

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