Poll: Here are some colors I would like to choose from for my room, what do you think?

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    Default Need help on what color to paint my room, any suggestions?

    Hi, I'm Megan and I plan on painting my room this summer but I'm stumped on what color! If you would like to help me, e-mail me at megxurface@aol.com please and i'll send you a couple pictures of my room right now, it would be greatly appreciated because i dont want to start painting and find out I picked abad color.

    P.S. I'm 13 so if you don't want to e-mail me and just want to give me some color suggestions, that will be helpful as well!

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    Smile Re: Need help on what color to paint my room, any suggestions?

    When I was your age, everything had to be purple. I painted my room a light purple and had a deep purple colored carpet. Now, I lean more towards light green shades (I am a water sign & of course, it is the color of money). Actually, it is a very serene color. I mix purple in with my decor (curtains, bedding, etc.). Purple & green compliment each other, nicely. Good Luck!

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