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    Default water jetting pipes

    I live in the midwest - Nebraska. Our house was built in the mid 30's - so our pipes are old and built up on the insides. A plumber recommended water jetting. It sounds like it could be a good option, but would like to know if anyone has used this procedure along with opinions on the results.
    Appreciate any input.

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    Default Re: water jetting pipes

    Hello, Are you talking about the drain/waste pipes inside/outside your home? If so, yes, jetting out the pipes has been very good, that is all depends on how old and how built up the interior walls of the pipe are. Jetting will not clean them completly clean. They can also run a mini cam down them to see how bad they are before doing so. basically, old cast iron pipes will continue to close in do to constant build up. Replacing waste lines with new PVC will be the best solution for life. Way out your options before spending the cash. Cost of jetting, how much will it help?, vs. cost of replaceing and knowing it will help for many years to come! Hope this helps.GregC
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    Smile Re: water jetting pipes

    ACE Duraflo LLC has a system for cleaning out galvy or copper pipes, then coating the insdie of the pipes with epoxy. Once coaed the encrustation will stop. Go to or

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