Recently bought a 1940s bungalow. The walls are plaster and have been painted numerous times (a paint chip revealed at least six!). We want to paint individual rooms over the next few months but there are a couple issues that concern me:

  1. You can tell the walls have been painted over and over - another coat won't help hide that fact
  2. There are some previous cracks in the plaster that were not repaired cleanly - we would have to dig these out and refill to make them less noticeable
  3. Other small defects are noticeable throughout - nail holes, painted over nails (I think!?), dings, dents, etc...

These noticeable defects would bother me, even with a fresh coat of paint. Plus, we plan on being here for a few years and want to improve the house and make improvements that will increase the resell value.

My dad recommended receiving estimates from some companies about the possibility of tearing out the plaster and putting up fresh drywall. This is something we could still complete one room at a time as our schedule allows. This would allow us to add outlets in some rooms (which is needed) and improve insulation as well. It would also give us fresh clean walls which would hopefully be a good investment.

Would anyone be able to tell me some rough estimates for the cost of a such a project? The room is only 12x12, nothing too fancy.

I'll be getting at least 3 estimates, but just wanted to check with others and see if anyone could offer any ideas. Thank you!