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Thread: Outlet change

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    Hello, how do I convert a standard wall outlet to an outlet controlled by a wall switch? The outlet is in my attic and I have access to run the new switch into the house where I want it. I assume I have to change something in the outlet, but what??? What is my new wiring going to be?

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    All that's really needed to install the switch in series with the hot ( black or red ) to the receptacle.
    If you have acces to the cable supplying the receptacle cut the cable ---- install the box --- splice the whites and grounds together --- attach the blacks to the switch top and bottom screw connectors.


    Use 14/2 or 12/2 ( whichever is currently being used at the receptacle )
    The existing hot at the receptacle would be removed ---- spliced to the white (marked with black tape ) of the new cable ----- run to the bottom screw connector on the switch --- the black wire of the new cable attched to the top screw of the switch ---the other end attched to the receptacle.

    Make sure all splices are within the junction boxes.

    You have a switched receptacle
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    Thanks a ton.

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